• Kids and Scuba Diving | From a Child’s Perspective

    Kids and Scuba Diving | From a Child’s Perspective

    I woke up to the sound of the alarm. Normally if I hear an alarm I either just turn it off or throw a pillow at it, sometimes even both for good measure. But not today. The second I heard the alarm clock I [...]

  • Lounge Chair Hogs!

    Lounge Chair Hogs!

    Finally, you're on a long needed vacation in a beautiful, warm country separated from all the little worries of your life. After sleeping in and enjoying a nice breakfast, you decide to head poolside to soak up some sun. Surprisingly, the pool area seems relatively [...]

  • Ten Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

    Ten Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

    If the prospect of vacationing without your dog breaks your heart, cheer up traveling with Spot has never been easier. You will need to do some advance planning and thoughtful packing to ensure both you and your dog have the best experience possible. Use this [...]

  • Ten Essential Phrases to Know Before You Go

    Ten Essential Phrases to Know Before You Go

    While it's true you can find people that speak English in just about any country, taking the time to learn ten basic phrases before you travel will go a long way toward helping you feel more comfortable in a new country. Additionally, you'll find that [...]

  • Penang National Park, Malaysia

    Penang National Park, Malaysia

    With the distinction of being the world's smallest national park, Penang National Park (also known as Pantai Acheh Forest Preserve) boasts an astonishing range of diversity both in terrain and among its plants and animals. With 417 types of plants and 143 animals, Penang is [...]

Packing Tips 101

Flying is already enough of a hassle with long security lines, tiny seats and baggage limitations. There are things you can do to make your travels easier. You don't want to have your bag needlessly searched, your belongings stained or have something you overlooked confiscated. Keep these details in mind [...]

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