Road Tripping in the Chevrolet Equinox

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Road Tripping in the Chevrolet Equinox

This year we went on a major family road trip from Toronto down to Florida and back again. We stopped at numerous cities along the way, Nashville, New Orleans, St. Pete Beach, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Washington DC and more. Putting hundreds of miles behind behind us during the course of the summer. This road trip would have been a lot more difficult had it not been for the comfort of the Chevrolet Equinox.

My kids were excited when I picked it up and they saw not one, but two, TV screens in the back. There is one TV screen in each head rest that comes with wireless headphones. For older kids you can also hook up a game console for them to play.

The thing my husband and I enjoyed was the Sirius XM satellite radio. When you spend almost everyday in the car it can be hard listing to the same radio day in and day out. Many stations play the same music over and over again. My favorite find was the stand up comedy radio. I loved this because it seemed to pass the time quickly. The kids were happily watching a DVD and the parents were being entertained by a comedy show. What could be better on LONG road trips!

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XM radioThe one thing I would definitely add to the two TV screens in the back is a headphone jack for wired headphones, especially if you have a little one. The wireless headphones were a little big for my son.

I loved the seats. I am the only driver in my family so it’s hard doing eight hour drives and sitting in one position for so long. What I loved about these seats were the subtle changes in leg height that I could control as well as the lumbar support that I could inflate or deflate. Because there were so many changes I could mix it up a little without having to get out and take a car break.


The thing I loved the most was the guidance system. This is a feature I would not want to live without now. There were a few times when we would be driving along and we’d hear a friendly voice come on and tell us that there was bad traffic ahead for X amount of miles. This was great because on long road trips you don’t want to add anymore time onto your travel than you have to. There were times when we’d get off and readjust our route, missing bad traffic that was ahead.

Finally, there was one time when it was a long drive and I wasn’t watching the gas and all of a sudden the car told me I was now on empty and displayed the next five gas stations on route. I loved this feature! There is nothing more frustrating than being out of gas and exiting the road and coming up empty, literally! We discovered late in our trip that we could push a button and it would show you all the gas stations and restaurants at the next several exits.

A big thank you to GM, this was an enjoyable car to drive that was comfortable for everyone and great on gas to boot!

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