Meeting New People

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Meeting New People

As I mentioned in my last post, Fireese made an instant friend when we reached the new hotel. What was great about this new friendship is that my husband and I were able to make new friends with this little girl’s parents as well.

We came to find out that they live very near to us in Toronto and we have tons in common with them. We enjoyed hanging out in the pool just chit chatting about our lives. My family and I were going for dinner at a local dive restaurant and invited them to join us. They came along and we all had a blast at dinner. The girls were huddled together in the corner laughing and giggling with each other. My husband and I learned of the family’s experience of coming together. The couple, Dom and Theresa were blessed with being able to adopt a beautiful little girl, Alyssa. I shared with them that I was adopted as a baby and then later in life my husband and I experienced infertility issues.

It was neat for Theresa to hear me talk about my love for my mom as a child who was adopted as well. It shed a different perspective for her as an adult adoptee and my deep feelings of love and friendship I had for my mom. We talked about how people aren’t sure of how to always react to that type of relationship when they find out you’ve been adopted. People would sometimes refer to my mom as my ‘adopted mom’ and I would always be insulted. She was just my mom… no special tag in front of the word needed… just mom.

If people aren’t adopted, haven’t adopted a child or don’t know someone who has been adopted then they maybe don’t know how special that relationship is.

If you think about it, what is a mom?

A mom isn’t simply someone who gives birth to you, that’s just the mechanics of things. A mom is a person who rocks you when you are sick, who is there to kiss your booboos when you fall, someone who tells you how great you are, who is so proud of you. She is a person who makes you eat your vegetables, brushes your hair even if you yell at her because it hurts and makes you brush your teeth. She is the person who takes pictures of every step you take from your first steps to your first dance recital to your kindergarten graduation and more. A mom is the person you count on no matter what throughout your whole life. A mom is the woman who has that emotional connection with you and will love you no matter what. Birthing a child is just mechanics, raising a child is a mom.

We were lucky to spend most of our time with this lovely family at the Don Cesar. We got to know them really well in such a short period of time. I can say from the bottom of my heart that Alyssa is very lucky to have a mom like Theresa (and a dad like Dom). Theresa’s love for Alyssa reminds me of the love my mom clearly had for me. Adopted or biological, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the love people share with each other.

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