Maybe need it? Don’t Bring it.

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Maybe need it? Don’t Bring it.

Whether you are a well-traveled reader or are just getting ready to go on an adventure. We have all experienced the moment when we are sitting on top of our suitcase trying to get it to close. It comes down to the “what if” objects and the newly bought accessories to make our travels easier, actually make it harder. Throughout airport security, hotels, stairs, and taxi’s our luggage will be lifted, thrown, opened, closed, and overall just beaten. You will also realize that half of the large luggage you brought on your journey has been untouched for the entire trip. So let us dig deep into the items that are often on everyone’s packing list but are never really used.


  • Nice Shoes
    These are the shoes that you will want to pack in case a special occasion occurs or you want to dress to impress. This can not only fill up room in your bag but add extra weight. Instead it is suggested to choose your daytime shoes carefully. Make sure they are comfortable while you do your touristic activities but are also nice enough that they can sneakily go with a nice outfit.wool-coat
  • Cotton/ Wool Clothes and Jackets
    This one is a big one, especially if you are escaping on a winter getaway and want to pack all of your cute clothes. One jacket. That is really all you need. Your favorite jacket will be the one worn most often and you will unconsciously plan your outfits along that one jacket anyways. Cotton clothing also tends to take up more space because of its bulky and “fluffy” nature. It also takes much longer for those clothes to dry when wet. So if you are going somewhere rainy and wintry it may be best to ditch the cotton and find clothes that are more rain resistant.books
  • Multiple Books
    These are the books or guidebooks you plan to bring that you will read on the plane or train as you travel. The biggest problem with packing books is dealing with the weight. This is because if you bring the books is likely that they may only be used once on the trip. As for guidebooks you will actually be surprised how cheap they are to buy at your destination, and if you are a ready for it, packing with a kindle or digital reader can help you bring multiple books for a fraction of the weight.
  • Hairdryer
    This is something often essential to getting ready and preparing for the day. However usually when the time comes to shower its late in the night after an exhausting day, and most hotels and hostels provide one for you anyways.toiletries
  • Major Toiletries
    Unless you are going somewhere that does not even have a general store. I would suggest leaving the big bulky shampoos, conditioners, and body washes at home. Just bring a “travel” size of each toiletry and you may be surprised to know that it was all you needed. You can buy anything else you may run across while you are there and often for extremely cheap prices.

Vacation and traveling is supposed to be an experience of a lifetime. Do not spend energy on the stress of packing. Remember to pack according to the weather and culture, but do not fill the empty space because “you can”. Leave yourself some wiggle room for souvenirs or something crucial you may need to buy in route. Also keep in mind that when it comes to toiletries, clothing, and supplies you can always purchase then on a need-be basis. Stress less and enjoy your traveling more with lighter luggage and only bringing the essentials. You deserve this vacation and have been counting down the days to packing your bags, make sure you make the most out of it.

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