Kids and Scuba Diving | From a Child’s Perspective

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Kids and Scuba Diving | From a Child’s Perspective

I woke up to the sound of the alarm. Normally if I hear an alarm I either just turn it off or throw a pillow at it, sometimes even both for good measure. But not today. The second I heard the alarm clock I jumped out of bed and shook my mom. “WAKE UP!!!!!”. Because the day had finally come…I was going scuba diving in beautiful Cayo Coco, Cuba!!! I quickly got my clothes on for breakfast then went on to the balcony to get a fresh breath of Cuban air. There’s nothing like the smell of the sea-the salty water, the sea mist and the hot sand. I ran to breakfast, being careful not to eat too much and zoom, were off, into the taxi to take in the amazing sights. Then finally we arrived at Tryp Cayo Coco. We were lead to their pool where the dive instructor was waiting to teach us the ropes. I sat patiently but nervously until my turn came and then jumped into the pool. It was SOOO COLD but I got used to it quicker then you can say ‘scuba’.

I started the first test: swimming with the scuba gear. It was heavy on land but in the water I barely even noticed I was wearing it. I lowered myself into the water while the instructor held my tank. At first I thought, “I AM GOING TO DIE!!!! But I got over the odd sensation of breathing under water in no time and was swimming — and breathing — like a fish! It was AMAZING, by far one of the best experiences in my life. After that we practiced emptying your mask under the water by opening the mask a small amount and blowing out with your nose. Then we did buddy breathing, which is where you take your extra regulator and give it to somebody else. Finally he let me swim on my on for a few minutes and we were off!

We arrived at the beach and got our wetsuits on. All the adults put their oxygen tanks on, but mine was too heavy for me to carry by myself on land so the instructor carried it to the boat for me. There was a five-minute boat ride then we got into the water! The team threw my oxygen tank into the water, where there was an instructor waiting to catch it. I got in right after it and put it on in the water. We went under and it was AMAZING! There was coral and MILLIONS of fish that were all different mesmerizing colors. It was like there was a whole world under water that I didn’t know about and it was INCREDIBLE. I learned how to control my breath so that if I breathed in, I would go up and if I breathed out, I would go lower because professional scuba divers don’t use their hands, only their feet and breath to lower themselves or move forward. There is no way to describe the feeling of just pure freedom, I felt like I was a fish, like I was one with the water, one with the ocean. I would DEFINITELY scuba dive again and I am very excited to get my Padi certification as soon as I can.


Check out the video of my dive experience


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