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Family Fun At Great Wolf Lodge


We just recently got back from a mini vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge. I have to say that it exceeded my expectations! There was SO much for the kids to do it was absolutely amazing. The thing I loved about the water park was there were many options for children of all ages. The pools for younger children were nice and shallow and the little slides were just perfect for the young ones. My son loved being in the hot tub but it wasn’t too hot so we didn’t have to limit the time he spend in it. There was a hotter tub just for adults that parents could enjoy as well.

There are tons of options for children who are 42 inches and up to go on water slides with their parents. Even though my son wasn’t interested in the slides it was great that the option to go with me was available for him. If you have an adventurous kiddo then you’ll have a blast on the slides. My daughter is now 48 inches and could go on all the slides on her own. But luckily for me she still preferred going on the slides with mom!

There was also so many fun things for the kids to do together apart from the slides. One of the favorite things that my children both loved where the froggy hop lillypads. They could walk across them with the use of a rope net or they could just crawl across them. There are two sets so the kids could ‘race’ each other – my daughter was kind enough to let her brother win most times. They also had a bar (for parents) and a  restaurant in the water park. It was nice not having to get changed to go eat. My kids like the novelty of being able to sit in their swimming suits for lunch.

We also really enjoyed the dinner and breakfast buffets at the resort. We were pleasantly surprised at the selection they had at dinner and the quality of the food. They had amazing ribs, which I’m not normally a lover. They had a nice roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, soup… They even had a mini buffet for kids so they could reach the food. If your kids are anything like mine they like to get their own food at a buffet. But sometimes the high counters can make that a little bit difficult for them.  A fun signing game we like to play during meal times is to see how many signs we know for the food on our plate. We all take turns going around and showing our signs. My daughter always helps her brother remember the signs so the kids always win against mom and dad. 😉

I have to say my favorite part about great Wolf Lodge is the MagiQuest. This is such a magical adventure for kids to go on whenever they weren’t playing in the water park. The kids get a wand and they can wave it in front of the game console to start each quest. Once you hit except your wand is registered for that specific quest and off you go. My daughter got in character going from hall to hall, searching for each individual treasure that she needed to collect in that quest. My son would get a little bit frustrated because he couldn’t always keep up with her. He’d get mad that she would be the one to always get that item first. Signing also came in handy here because I could easily sign to her behind his back so he didn’t know that I was telling her to stop and let him go first. This way I could gently remind her to give her brother turn and have it look like he found the treasure first.

If this is your first trip to the Great Wolf Lodge I would highly recommend getting the Paws Pass. It gives you so many things at discounted rates. Things like a wand, unlimited Magi Quests during your stay, 20 coins to the arcade, a gift you can paint in Cub Club, a stuffed animal, fudge, 5×7 picture, a free gift from the spa and a late check out! The kids get a little pass that they were around their neck and they cross off each item as the kids get them. They kids also really enjoy going to the arcade. There’s lots of really fun modern games that they could play and also that usual arcade games like skee ball. Great Wolf Lodge also just installed the new bowling alley that is designed for kids. You can put bumpers on the side so they don’t get gutter balls and the kids can just play to their hearts content.

Great-Wolf-Lodge-wristbandAll in all we had an amazing time at the Great Wolf Lodge we are looking forward to our next trip there it will definitely be one of the Berg destinations from now on. And thanks to sign language for making our life a little easier on our trip!






This post content is sponsored by The Great Wolf Lodge, however the views and opinions expressed herein represent my own.

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