Cathay Pacific | I Can Fly Program

//Cathay Pacific | I Can Fly Program

Cathay Pacific | I Can Fly Program

As a former teacher I am always interested in hearing about educational programs that are outside the traditional classroom. I love programs that think outside the box when it comes to children learning. Children learn better when they experience the learning rather than just sitting and listening to instruction. I have enrolled my daughter in several extra curricular classes that she just loves. We have her attending a Science Riot Girls class that focuses on girls’ learning about science as the name would giveaway. She loves it and eats it up! We’ve also found an amazing program called Girls Learning Code. It teaches children how to program computer games, create and edit videos, hack electronic toys and more. These experiential learning environments are amazing for children.

I will be traveling to Perth Australia soon to speak at a conference. When I was researching airlines for my trip I came across a program that Cathay Pacific runs every year for high school students called the I Can Fly program. They take the students through an eight-week course that runs once a week in the evenings. It allows students to experience and learn about different careers in the aviation field from Passenger Sales, Airport Operations crew to being a Pilot. I fell in love with this program. I think more companies should offer hands on learning opportunities for students like this one. How will children ever learn what they are passionate about if they never experience anything? Thinking you may want to grow up to be a pilot is one thing but actually getting hands on learning experience of what it’s like to BE a pilot is another.

If you have a high school aged child in the Vancouver area then I’d highly recommend checking out this great program! I only hope that a program like this comes to a city near me so my children could have the option to experience a hands

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