Burlington – A Short Escape From Toronto, Day Two

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Few things are better on a Sunday morning that a stack of pancakes as you bask in the sunshine. We almost managed. We had stacks of pancakes but the weather refused to cooperate. It was chilly and rainy. We ate inside. But, still . . . pancakes. Properly fueled we headed to the [...]

Burlington – A Short Escape From Toronto

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Sometimes you just want to get away. School, work, and the day-to-day demands build up to a point where there is no distinction between the weekend and the work week. For our family, that's a signal that it's time for a little getaway. But . . .(always a but) leaving Toronto for a quick [...]

Five Things to Know Before You Cruise

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You've always dreamt of taking a cruise and now it's about to become a reality. Like most things in life, it's good to learn from those who have gone before you. These five tips from veteran “cruisers” will help you get the most out of your dream vacation. You will not outsmart the cruise line. [...]

Lounge Chair Hogs!

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Finally, you're on a long needed vacation in a beautiful, warm country separated from all the little worries of your life. After sleeping in and enjoying a nice breakfast, you decide to head poolside to soak up some sun. Surprisingly, the pool area seems relatively empty for 10am. You should have no trouble finding a [...]

Ten Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

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If the prospect of vacationing without your dog breaks your heart, cheer up traveling with Spot has never been easier. You will need to do some advance planning and thoughtful packing to ensure both you and your dog have the best experience possible. Use this checklist as you plan your dog-friendly adventure. ✓ Visit the [...]

Ten Tips for Women Traveling Alone

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Women travel alone for all kinds of reasons – and why not? Traveling has never been easier and never before have so many possibilities for exploring the world been accessible to so many. Still, women traveling alone can be vulnerable if they don't take some common sense precautions. This is not to imply that women [...]

Boutique Hotel, Fremantle WA | Hougoumont

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While visiting Perth, Australia I had a chance to stay at the Hougoumont Hotel in Fremantle just a short train ride from Perth.  Named after the last ship to bring convicts to Australia, the Hougoumont is a combination of sea-worthy use of space and luxury. I feel safe in saying that the hotel offers far [...]