Advice from a Kid – How to Fly with Children

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Advice from a Kid – How to Fly with Children

I’m a kid, although you probably know that. I’m going to tell you what kids really like and don’t like on a plane.

You may read some bloggers that feed you all this stuff about flying with kids and you probably believe them. But have you ever heard from a kid about what they really like? Because, I know you were a kid once but that was like a million years ago, back when dinosaurs were still around and technology hadn’t been invented yet! So I think your kids would greatly appreciate it if you knew what they really wanted.

First off let them wear what is comfortable. If you are that parent that won’t be caught dead with your kid in sweatpants or a sweatshirt, put that aside. Being on a plane for 4 hours is bad enough without having to deal with itchy waist bands, tags or being cold. An uncomfortable kid is a temper tantrum waiting to happen.

I know some people say “pack your own food on the plane to save money and not feed your kid junk” but all kids really want is junk, even if it’s a small candy bar or soft drink. Eating fun food makes the plane ride feel special, it gives us something to do and makes us look forward to the next long trip.

Don’t worry about us getting dirty on the floor, if your kid has to sit down in a long line, let them. It’s not going to kill them, plus they could always take a bath or shower when you arrive at your destination.

If you are expecting your kid to read or colour on the plane for the majority of the time, think again because that isn’t going to occupy your kid for very long. So if you don’t have in-seat entertainment (and no I don’t mean your handmade sock puppets, mom) bring an iPad or tablet (preferably child proof because I know how clumsy we can be) to keep us occupied.

If your kids are like most kids, they will want to feel independent. So they will want to take care of their stuff and might be really stubborn about it. (this was my whole life as a toddler.) So getting them to carry a small, light suitcase with their stuff (i.e. their sweater, snacks, colouring books and crayons) will allow them that feeling of independence and will also be one less thing for you to carry. This is also good because whenever your kid is in need of something they can get it themselves instead of bugging you for it.

Gum or hard candy is good to suck or chew on while descending so that our ears don’t hurt from pressure. Even if you are the parent that doesn’t let your kid have any candy, gum or sweets, is it really worth a seeing your kid suffer? Again it’s not going to kill them. If you have a younger child and you are worried about them choking then a soother, a bottle or a drink with a straw will also work.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and will finally give your kids what they really want on a plane. It will make for a happier experience for both of you.

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