A New Way to Roam

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A New Way to Roam

If you are Canadian I can guarantee you have been frustrated with your cellular provider at one time or another. I’ve never met a Canadian who has said, “You know what? I love my cell phone company. The rates are great and the data package is amazing.” If you’ve ever uttered those words and you’re a Canadian living in Canada, please share your secret! Finding a cell phone company that you are happy with is about as likely as catching Santa Claus popping out of your chimney.


What makes this sad state of affairs even worse is the fact that we live so close to the US. We are bombarded by ads for their amazing deals – cheap plans, 3GB, 6GB and unlimited plans. They have no clue how lucky they are. Okay, now I feel like the little sister having a tantrum because her big brother gets to stay up later than she does. I truly want to stamp my feet and shout “It’s not fair!


I recently went on an “Amazing Race” style holiday in Europe. We were going to three different countries and eleven different cities in eleven days. During that trip I also needed to record and send video entries as part of the competition. We were rarely on Wifi during the challenges which ran morning to night. When I looked at my roaming options for Europe I was disheartened to find that the best plan I could get was for 1.5GB of date for $150.

When you travel you tend to use more data than you do at home. I knew I’d be uploading videos which would eat through my data quickly. I also knew I’d need more than 1.5GB of data. $300 plus tax? Have I mentioned “IT’S NOT FAIR!!” yet?

Luckily, while doing research for this trip, I came across a fellow Canadian who had been on the same trip the year before. I asked what data plan he had chosen for the trip. He told me he regretted choosing the cheapest plan because he ended up not being able to upload videos, contact family, check email and use his phone in a useful way. My heart sank until he said “But . . . “

. . . Have you heard of KnowRoaming?” I checked them out immediately. They are a Canadian-founded company offering their services in both Canada and the US. You can get unlimited roaming in over 90 countries for $7.99! “THAT’S MORE THAN FAIR!” All it is is a simple sticker that goes on your existing SIM card and when you are roaming the KnowRoaming SIM kicks in. It has a user friendly app that lets you know what SIM you are on.

While taking a train from one country to another, I’d get a notification from KnowRoaming saying my SIM had switched over the new country and there was zero disruption or anything I had to do to make the switch from country to country. It was also incredibly freeing to be able to use my phone without the stress of going over my data. I could watch Facebook videos, send competition videos, email my family pictures and not worry. It was liberating!

I love that Canadians are now getting more choices for roaming options and we aren’t stuck to purchasing those expensive packages from our cellphone providers. Things need to change in Canada and KnowRoaming is moving to force that change. I have now had the chance to use the KnowRoaming SIM card in four countries and 13 different cities where they all had different cell phone providers and it worked great everywhere. I will never go back to regular roaming again. Unlimited is the way to go!

If you want to learn more about how KnowRoaming works check out this interview with the CEO.

Watch this video to find out how my experience using KnowRoaming was.

Sponsored by KnowRoaming. All opinions expressed are my own.

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