3 Unforgettable Scuba Vacation Destinations

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3 Unforgettable Scuba Vacation Destinations

Accessible to just about everyone, scuba diving is fast becoming a driving force for people making vacation plans. You can acquire basic certification just about anywhere in the World. Once you know the basics, you are ready for ever-increasing adventures. Talk to any experienced scuba diver and you’ll talk to a person with incredible travel experience as well. You can tailor your vacation to meet your own diving needs. Some people simply want access to recreational scuba activities while others seek out more daring, live-aboard experiences. Whether you love the freedom allowed by scuba diving, the photographic opportunities, the chance to experience unique ecosystems or a chance to study recent and ancient history up close – a scuba vacation should be in your future.

  • Sardinia, Italy – While scuba vacations often bring to mind tropical locations, Sardinia offers you a chance to see history up close – on and off the land. Sardinia is the Mediterranean’s second largest island. Diving opportunities abound for every skill level. You should plan to travel with access to cash as well as credit cards are not always accepted.
    • If shipwrecks hold a special place in your heart, do not miss the KT12. You’ll see the ship that was taken down by a torpedo during WWII as well as the actual torpedo. This is a haunting and beautiful dive.
    • Advanced divers should try to visit Secca del Papa. Don’t miss this chance to see giant groupers, mooray eels and gorgonian coral.
    • Grotta del Nereo offers a series of tunnels and caves to explore. Along the way see slipper lobsters, octopus, mussels and red coral.






  • Richelieu Rock, Phuket, Thailand – There is not a better place in the world to swim with whale sharks, the world’s largest fish. In addition, you’ll see barracuda, manta rays and gigantic grouper. The horseshoe shape rock itself is home to a vast array of coral, white barnacles and plant life. This is a destination for serious divers. The most practical way to dive Richelieu Rock is to join a liveaboard through one of the local dive centers. Other dives to consider while you are there:
    • Koh Bon offers an exceptional chance to interact with manta rays as well as spectacular night diving.
    • Koh Bon Pinnacle, aka Fisherman’s Nightmare, is another beautiful location for biodiversity and challenging night dives.
    • Koh Tachai is known as site to see coral, swim-throughs, tuna and, maybe even a whale shark.

Richelieu Rock_2

Richelieu Rock_3

Richelieu Rock_4

Richelieu Rock_5

Richelieu Rock

  • Fathom Five National Marine Park, Ontario – With 20 shipwrecks and a number of historic lighthouses, this national park is a surprisingly fun scuba destination. There are 25 fresh water dives to choose from at Fathom Five. This is an excellent destination for beginning divers and history buffs alike. And, there is more than shipwrecks to explore in the Georgian Bay. There are caves, rock formations and a spectacular underwater waterfall. When you’ve had your fill of diving, hike the many trails, take a boat tour of the island and explore the interactive exhibits throughout the park.

Fathom Five_1

Fathom Five_2

Fathom Five_3

Fathom Five_4

Fathom Five_5

These are just three of the thousands of spectacular scuba diving destinations around the world. The destinations are as diverse as the diving population itself.

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